France legalized Automobile Retrofit activity on April 3, 2020
Almost any vehicle can be converted to electric but light vehicle are ideal cars as they will require limited Batteries and Motor power


Electric car have an immediate torque respons, making them fun and easy to drive
Work has already started with the CNRV and the UTAC to define in detail the conditions for road approval tests

The main steps for converting a thermal vehicle into an electric vehicle :

  • Disassembly of the entire thermal chain

    (engine, radiators, fuel tank, exhaust, etc.)

  • Engineering and Design

    to meet the specifications (range, power, max speed) depending on the base vehicle Selection of suitable components: electric motor, batteries, regulator, etc.

  • Engineering and production of an adapter

    to connect the electric motor to the gearbox.

  • Engineering and production of supports and compartments

    to put the batteries, the components of the new electrical assembly and the take-back of the components of the old vehicle

  • Approval

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