Kit Mazda MX5


We are building the « DIY kit conversion for MX5 NC » as a complete Kit, all parts included and easy to install.

25 kWh Battery built with Tesla model S module, 88 kW Netgain Electric motor, 6.6 kWh Charger

150 kms autonomy, Fully charged in 4 hours max

  • 2 battery boxes ( 15 kWh front, 10 kWh back) with HV & LV connectors and cooling pipes.

We are using Tesla model S Battery’ modules.

  • 1 low voltage (LV) box with BMS configured, LV fuses and everything pre-cabled
  • 1 complete cooling/warming system for the batteries (pump, valve, pipes, connected to origin radiator, brackets)
  • 1 new front rain cover to leave space for the front battery box
  • 1 Netgain motor 88 kW with water cooled option
  • 1 complete cooling/warming system for the motor (pump, pipes, radiator, brackets)
  • 1 high voltage (HV) box with SME controller, HV fuses, HV relays, main switch, all busbars installed and everything pre-cabled and configured.
  • 1 Aluminium motor adapter plate
  • 1 Steel motor-transmission coupler
  • 1 TCcharger 6.6 kWh with Type2 plug
  • 1 TC DC-DC 1kWh
  • 1 junction box HV-LV with relay and fuses, pre-cabled with connectors to connect the Charger and DC-DC
  • 1 e-Roadster electronic card, developped in-house, to use the standard gauges for electric purposes

(Battery State of Charge, Battery Temperature, Electric motor Temperature, Electric motor rpm, over temp battery, over temp Electric motor.)

  • 1 Electric design dial gauges replacement
  • 1 PTC cabin heater
  • 1 PTC box control, developped in-house, to interface the PTC with the original buttons
  • 1 Brake vacuum pump kit with braket and relay, everything pre-cabled
  • 1 new hydraulic pipe for the clutch
  • 1 new hydraulic pipe for the left front wheel
  • All cables with connectors at the correct lenght
  • All pipes with junctions at the correct lenght
  • All supports and brakets to install the differents parts
  • All systems pre-configured