e-Roadster propose “Iconic Electric Roadsters” on Long Term Leasing (LLD 36 months) based on “Iconic Thermic Roadsters” converted to Electricity.

The LLD e-Roadster offer
A simple, flexible formula that responds in the most complete way to your travel needs.

You have no capital assets to expect.
You know from the start how much it will cost each month to use your vehicle.
Monthly rents are uniform and smooth over the term of the contract.

You determine a rental period of 36 to 60 months, mileage up to 30000 kms and services and options to be included in the contract according to your needs
Our service covers routine and intermediate maintenance, replacement of worn and defective parts and mandatory technical inspections.

At the end of the lease, e-Roadster takes your vehicle.

Example of LLD e-Roadster offers


Mazda Mx5 NC e-Roadster

36 month | 10000 kms/year

1er rent : 4 800 € VAT included

480 € VAT included/month


Mazda Mx5 NC e-Roadster

48 month | 10000 kms/year

1er rent : 3 800€ VAT included

380 € VAT/month



Offers submitted by e-Roadster subject to acceptance of your file by e-Roadster – SAS with capital of 29 900 € – registered under the n° 852 398 502 000 17 – APE 7490B – RCS Versailles. Siège social : 9B rue des marronniers 78810 Feucherolles

Subscribe to the e-Roadster Long-Term Lease Agreement (LLD)


Several documents will be required to validate the long-term lease of your e-Roadster.


For private individuals : subscriber’s and spouse’s identity documents, the latest tax notice and the last three payslips, a bank account statement (RIB), an attestation from your bank justifying your level of debt.


For the liberal professions : the SIREN number as well as the latest tax package, the latest tax notice, the last balance sheet and the contact details of the accountant.


For the companies : the SIRET number, an extract of Kbis of less than 3 months as well as an ID of the manager, the latest tax notice, the last balance sheet as well as the contact details of the accountant.


The long-term lease (LLD) will present the following data :


The identity, contact details and the SIRET number of the renter as well as those of the renter.

The identity, contact details and / or the SIRET number of the tenant.

The reason for the LLD contract.

The formula defined.

The amount of the rent of LLD as well as the method of payment.

The amount of the deposit.

The obligations of the lessor.

The characteristics of the rental.

Terms and conditions of services.

Conditions of cancellation and return of the vehicle.


Article 1 – Object of the rental

The characteristics of the rented vehicle.


Article 2 – Provision of the vehicle

Date and place of beginning and end of the lease.


Article 3 – Mileage

The number of kilometers to be respected is defined, as well as the amount of the penalties in case of exceeding this mileage.


Article 4 – Use of the vehicle

The conditions of use of the vehicle, including those that are prohibited.


Article 5 – Prices and payment of rents

The price of monthly payments and the method of payment by direct debit.

In case of change of bank and / or postal details, the tenant must inform the renter at least 20 days before the next due date.

Interest, calculated according to a maximum rate authorized by the law, can be asked to the tenant, in case of delay or non-payment of the rents.


Article 6 – Maintenance and repair of the vehicle

The renter is obliged to carry out any repairs and maintenance of the vehicle, in an e-Roadster approved garage.


Article 7 – Guarantee

Mention of the manufacturer’s warranties will be sent to the renter of the vehicle.


Article 8 – Security Deposit

Conditions relating to the deposit.

At the end of the contract, this amount will be returned to the renter, except in the case of necessary restoration and / or missed mileage.


Article 9 – Termination of Contract / Termination

Conditions relating to the interruption of the contract and early termination.


Article 10 – Return of the vehicle

The vehicle must be returned the day after the end of the contract.

If this deadline is not respected, the tenant will have to pay a late payment.


Article 11 – Vehicle Insurance and Loss

The renter must take out insurance for his vehicle for the duration of the lease.

In the event of a claim, the tenant is obliged to inform the insurance company and the renter within the same period.

The vehicle must be repaired in an e-Roadster approved garage.

If the tenant is the victim of a theft, he will have to continue to pay the rent until the end of the contract and pay an indemnity.



Since 1 April 2015, the delivery of a free quote and pre-contractual information is mandatory for long or short term rentals.

Reminder of the conditions of use, insurance and maintenance, conditions of putting into play the responsibility of the customer in case of damages, duration of the contract and conditions of early termination, etc …