France legalized Automobile Retrofit activity on April 3, 2020


Work has already started with the CNRV and the UTAC to define in detail the conditions for road approval tests.

Almost any vehicle can be converted to electric but light vehicle are ideal cars as they will require limited Batteries and Motor power.

Electric car have an immediate torque respons, making them fun and easy to drive

Main actions for the electrical conversion are :

1-Engineering Design and select an electric motor, an electric vehicle (EV) motor controller, and batteries which match the performance characteristics (range, speed, power) fixed.

2-Remove the combustion engine, fuel tank, muffler and exhaust, and other ICE related components.

3-Keep the transmission, and design an adapter out of an aluminum plate material which will accept the electric motor and mount it to the transmission at the precise distance. Design a coupler for connecting the motor shaft to the transmission. Mount the motor to the transmission.

4-Build compartments to house the batteries and frame the compartment in the car. Install the batteries and the motor controller, linking them up to the motor. The kit comes with an AC motor with regenerative braking, programmable controller, high voltage charger, bell housing adapter plate, flywheel coupler, motor controller liquid cooling plate, coolant pump, radiator, state of charge instrumentation, throttle controller, and DC/DC convertor.